Ironpants Tricks: Top 5 Strategies to Getting a High Score

Ironpants Tricks: Top 5 Strategies to Getting a High Score

Ironpants tricksWith Flappybird being removed from our lives, many people are turning to the new game, Ironpants. Here are our some Ironpants tricks. We call it our Top 5 Strategies to Getting a High Score and we hope you find it useful.

1. Get Comfortable with Sensitive Controls

The controls are extremely sensitive. If you pull your finger off the screen even for just a second, our spandex hero will drop like a rock. However, if you keep your finger stuck to the screen trying to play it safe, your hero will fly too high and most likely hit something. They trick is to use quick, focused taps instead of holding your finger on the screen. Dont ever leave your finger on the screen for longer than 1 second. This keeps your Ironpants hero near the center of the screen and alive.

2. Try to Keep Him Near The Center

One of the safest places your hero can be is right in the center. As soon as you glance at a barrier, you will lose control of your hero. To increase your chances of clearing the gaps, keep your Ironpants hero near the center of the screen. In fact, most of the spaces you’ll run into will be near the center, upper-center and bottom-center of the screen.

3. Take Lots of Breaks

Take several long breaks from the game and you will find that it works wonders for you. When you find yourself getting angry, it is time to stop and cool down. It is nearly impossible to get a high score angry and tense. We recommend taking a break after every 20 deaths. You’ll find yourself having a little bit more success if you just chill out, hop of the game for a minute, get your tapping fingers ready for war and return to the battle.

4. Focus 100% of Your Attention on Your Hero

Ironpants’ physics are super floaty. You’ll tend to feel just how floaty the mechanics of your hero are as soon as the game put you in control. Make sure you’re mentally prepared for those sharp drops that occurs whenever you aren’t offering your physical input to the game. It doesn’t take much to have your hero hit rock bottom, so always pay attention to where Ironpants is heading. Keep your finger at the ready and never let your hero fall too low or too high on the screen. Don’t keep your eyes on what’s coming next so much since you’ll have to keep your eyes on your avatar and his fall distance. You really can’t get a heads up on those crates, so just keep your eyes focuses on where your character is.

5. Use a Tablet and not a Phone

You’re much better off playing this game on a larger screeen such as a iPad. The extra added dimensions you’ll see on your hero and all the obstacles you’ll encounter helps give you an easier way to see it all. If you’re not lucky enough to have access to a tablet, then make sure you keep your finger taps tied to the bottom of your smartphone screen. That way, you won’t end up blocking your view of the hero and all the boxes.

Article: Ironpants Tricks: Top 5 Strategies to Getting a High Score

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