Splashy Fish User Reviews

Splashy Fish User Reviews

splashy-fish-backgroundSplashy Fish is new to the scene as people look for a FlappyBird replacement. Here are some reviews from the app store to help you determine if you want to download it or not!

 I miss flappy bird

I was so addicted to flappy bird I got home from work I played it on the weekends I played it and my best buddy had a birthday party and I was so distracted I didn’t go to his party I was so distracted at work I started playing it and then my boss fired me then my wife broke up with me and my friends hate me and the better i got at it the more addictive it got then my kids got addicted to it and I realized flappy bird is ruining my life so I deleted it from my iPhone and deleted it from my kids iPods and I finally got a new job,I got my wife back,then my friends started liking me again so I made a decision for only playing it for 1 hour a day then I realized something that is breaking my heart that flappy bird well… wasn’t there anymore I was so upset then well….this game (splashy fish) and I played it I was so happy so now I have all the things I love and flappy birds beloved brother splashy fish and now I play it 1 hour a day so far I got the golden fins,golden crown,and the golden lips and my high score is 30 plus my life is back together I will always remember you flappy bird I have always loved you and I’m sure other people did too I wish we could still play you ;*( I will always remember you well…in my heart :’ ( and I hope you know that I will remember you all of those good moments with you please,come back {;* ( it’s hard not having flappy bird any more now I’m the one sad everyday

Splashy fish vs Flappy bird?

Well I have I say this game pretty impressed with the way this game is made and setup! It’s just like Flappy bird…But….Better! There is just something that I like about flappy bird but I don’t know what? I like how u have to earn stuff to make your fish better! I think that u should have an update where u take off ads and u should make it so we can earn more stuff for our fish because some of us can get for then a 100 u know…. But this game is great!!!!!


It all started when I downloaded an app called, flappy bird. It was all for just fun and games until I started to notice the downward spiral begin. It was play it occasionally on the weekends just for fun, but then weekday use became a daily task. Friends, coworkers, family started to notice my sudden change in mood as well as demeanor. I wasn’t eating, sleeping, being productive at work and eventually would blow it off all together. In denial at first, I slowly realized I had a problem. It was a disease, a disease of addiction. It was hooked and the bird was my drug. So I deleted the app and decided to cope with this disease in other ways. That all failed when I realized I was just a wreck without this game. I started smoking meth to cope and kind of drown out reality for a few hours but in the end, I was back at square one when it would wear off. I had reached rock bottom with no rope or ladder. Deleting it was the biggest mistake of my life. Until, this miracle game had emerged. The light! Splashy fish is not quite the same but it is very very close! I had found my methadone and things started looking up! I still have no job and my wife divorced me but atleast I can support my addiction now in peace :) My method habit is an entirely different situation but hey, we can’t all be perfect can we?!

Article: Splashy Fish User Reviews

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